Machine park

The increased demand from customers means that the machinery is constantly being renewed with more modern machines that provide higher quality of the final product. The machine park currently consist of 6 CNC Milling machines, 1 CNC Lathe, 3 Measure machines. Our measuring machines are equiped with co-ordinate drilled face plates whit up to 52μm accuracy throughout the measuring range.

A fully-equipped metal workshop with conventional machines, as well as a plastic department for plastic tools and plastic models. To our material- and fixtur-workshop we have face plates with size 4000x2500. 

Parpas Diamond 30

5-axis vertical mill

Workingspace 3000x2600x1400

Control system Heidenhain 


Breton Matrix 1300

5-axis portal mill

Workingspace 3900x2000x1300

Control system Heidenhain


Correa A25/40

Workingspace 4000x1200x1500

Control system Heidenhein



Mora type 192

Workingspace 2000x800x1000

Software Metrolog X4



Mora type 120

Workingspace 1600x600x800

Software Metrolog X4



Parpas Active Five 3000

5-axis vertical mill

Workingspace 3000x1300x850

Control system Heidenhain 


Correa A22/20

Workingspace 2000x750x800

Control system Heidenhein



Bridgeport VMC1000XP-30

Workingspace 1000x600x600

Control system Heidenhain



Pinacho Mustang 225

Working diameter : 225mm

Centrespace : 1000mm

Control system Fagor 8055 TC


Thome Präzision Dimension

CNC-controlled horizontal arm whit granite table and air bearing.

Workspace 4000x1600x1900

Accuracy: 52μm throughout the measuring range.

Software Metrolog X4